Traditions from Home

Even the most casual elopement ceremony can have wonderful touches of home.  I recently married Sonam and Mizuho at the Treehouse for Dreaming (Dene Summerhouse) in Central Park.  The Bride’s parents travelled from Japan to see their daughter wed.  The groom’s father and siblings, all from Nepal, now lived in New York City.

While the ceremony was “western” in its orientation with vows the couple had selected, a ring exchange, contemporary reading and so on.  At the end, however, there was a little touch of home.  The father of the bride graciously presented the bride and groom with saffron colored stoles.   He then offered beautiful red stoles to the bride’s parents who deeply bowed as he did so.

Enjoy a few moments of these bits of Nepalese traditions on a cloudy day in Central Park.